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Investigation Reveals 150 Hospitals Run By Fake Doctors In Kano

Not less than 150 Hospitals and Pharmacy stores discovered to be run by quack doctors in Kano A committee in Kano State’s Tudun Wada Local Government Area reported that it identified 130 hospitals and pharmacies run by quack physicians, some of whom possess the Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination. The committee, chaired by Local Government Chairman Alhaji Tijjani Matata, further stated that during its inquiry, it learned that one of the phony physicians is an electrical engineer who owns an eight-bed facility that claims to cure various ailments. The committee’s Chairman, Alhaji Abubakar Karafe, also informed reporters that one of the fraudulent physicians injected HIV-positive blood into a lady seeking treatment for malaria. “It is distressing that we found an electrical engineer managing a private hospital and attending to patients; prescribing medications, providing drips, blood, and even attending to pregnant ladies,” Karafe added.  One of them even gave one woman HIV-positive blood. “We even discovered one who was a traditional medicine merchant, but he admitted cholera victims.  We had to airlift them to the hospital for medical care.  “The majority of them have no fundamental knowledge about health.”  One of them claimed to be a nurse, but we later discovered he only has a secondary school diploma.” Karafe went on to say that the probe was prompted by a number of concerns from people about the expansion of private hospitals and pharmacies in their respective areas.

60 Million Nigerians Battling Depression, Other Mental Illness

According to recent statistic, not less than 60 million Nigerians are suffering from mental illness More than 60 million Nigerians, according to Taiwo Obindo, President of the Association of Psychiatrists in Nigeria (APN), are affected by mental diseases. This was said by Mr. Obindo, who is also the head of the faculty of psychiatry at the Nigerian branch of the West African College of Physicians, in an interview with NAN on Sunday in Abuja. “Mental healthcare is in a sorry state given that we have more than...