Customer Dies Trying To Withdraw Cash In Bank Queue Amidst Naira Scarcity

Naira scarcity still lingers after three weeks in Nigeria causing a lot of queues in the bank which resulted in the death of a customer

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Mr. Johnson Ademola, a Lagos State University, Ojo employee, died Monday afternoon in a bank line while attempting to withdraw cash.

Other news agencies  reported Ademola’s death, claiming the deceased was one of the institution’s deputy bursars.

According to reports, the event occurred at a Wema Bank branch in the campus when the deceased went to withdraw money.

According to sources, the bank purportedly let clients to take a maximum of N5,000, fueling internet speculation that Ademola died while waiting in line to withdraw N5,000.

Ademola, who was the Financial Officer of the School of Law and an Executive Officer in the institution’s Accounts Department until his death, was alleged to have fallen while waiting in line for his turn to withdraw cash. 

Attempts to resuscitate him were allegedly futile.

According to reports, the deceased was taken to the University Health Centre and declared dead.

A university employee, who did not want his name published because he was not authorized to comment on the subject, verified the occurrence to our correspondent on Tuesday afternoon.

“That is true,” he said. 

We were all taken aback when we learned about it yesterday. 

According to the tale, he was at the bank to withdraw some cash when he slumped and died quickly.”

A member of the LASU community attributed Ademola’s death on the problem caused by the CBN’s naira redesign strategy.

Mr. Olaniyi Jeariogbe, the interim Coordinator for the Centre for Information and Public Affairs at LASU, verified the occurrence. 

He did, however, clarify that the dead was not, as previously stated, one of the institution’s deputy bursars.

“LASU does not have a single deputy bursar,” he explained. 

And, as I speak, all of our deputy bursars and the bursar are still alive and well. 

It was something I needed to clarify.”

Ademola who, according to the LASU spokesperson, joined the institution as a Typist in January 1986, was born on November 13, 1959.


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