Wife Beat In-law To Death Over Meat In Benue State

patient's family kills doctor

Housewife and her son ganged up to beat in-law to death over argument about a piece of meat

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Tuesday, a Makurdi Chief Magistrates’ Court in Benue State issued a detention order for 40-year-old housewife Charity Upev and her son Tertsea for suspected culpable murder.

According to the News Agency of Nigeria, Charity and her son were accused with criminal conspiracy and culpable homicide by the police.

They were not heard by Magistrate Roseline Iyorshe.

Iyorshe transmitted the case file and postponed the subject until February 8 for additional discussion.

Prior to this, Inspector Jonah Uletu, the prosecuting attorney, informed the court that on January 24, the Divisional Police Officer of the “E” Division Police Station in Makurdi had received information claiming that Charity and her son had assaulted Fanen, her in-law who was residing with her.

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According to the prosecutor, Charity stated that her mother-in-law had stolen meat from the soup pot.

According to the police, Fanen was knocked out after the assault and taken to the hospital where he was treated but passed away.

The prosecution said that the act violated sections 97 and 222 of the 2004 Benue Penal Code Laws.


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