Man Bags 10 years In Jail for Killing His Own Father

A very angry young man has stabbed his own father to death for sexually assaulting him and sentenced to 10 years imprisonment

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A guy named Sean Maurice was sentenced to prison after fatally murdering his 52-year-old father, Paul Maurice.

Sean, who received a 10-year prison term, admitted to sexually abusing his father after stabbing him more than 30 times in the back.
The victim’s neighbors in Bromley, southeast London, raised an alert and the 31-year-old guy who acknowledged manslaughter was detained.

A police officer questioned him who was at fault while he was receiving medical care, and he said, “Sean.”

According to prosecutor William Emlyn Jones KC, after the incident, as car salesman Paul lay bleeding on their doorway, he pleaded the couple he didn’t want to die.

At 11.56 p.m., despite their best attempts, paramedics declared him dead there. 

Sean was discovered a little while later, fleeing through some local back yards, after a quick manhunt.

He ultimately found himself on the top of a garden shed, where he was encircled by officers before being taken into custody. 

He revealed to police:

“I don’t have anything to lose. 

You people are attempting to have me arrested because I beat up my abusive, rapist father, and you want to have me arrested? 

What sort of justice is that, anyway?

Sean was sentenced to prison for manslaughter by Judge Dennis Watson, KC.

You mentioned your father’s abuse of violence and physical contact with you during the trial.

On the basis of the information I have heard, I accept that your experiences were the worst. Your sister and brother complained of comparable torture at his hands.

“I also acknowledge the long-term harm this abuse has done to you.”

“This must have contributed to your erratic behavior and declining mental health,” he added, adding that Sean had turned to using alcohol and drugs to deal with his issues.

Sean briefly resided at his father’s house after being placed in a mental health act detention in July 2021. 

He subsequently spent three weeks in therapy, but he later relapsed.

The court explained how Sean had gotten unhappy on September 6 because his father had rejected his request to stay at his home.

He “relapsed again, took some beer and crack” on September 14 before quarrelling with the family at his temporary residence.

He then proceeded to his father’s house and attacked him there by stabbing him 33 times.

Although Sean said that he had stolen the knife from his father’s kitchen counter, the judge discovered that he had brought it to the scene.

Judge tacked on;

“You came armed with a knife. 

Your rage was evident when you left your house.

“Your sister spoke of her surprise and conflicted emotions toward her father. 

She emphasized that she is no longer able to report what he did to the police.

Along with you and your siblings, he had additional children, and they have all lost a parent.”


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