How To Cook Akara Cheese Burger

Step by step on how to cook not just the regular Akara but a sophisticated Akara Cheese Burger

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Ingridients {Akara Cheeseburger}
3 cups of brown beans – I used ewa oloyin (honey beans).
1 medium red onion
1 tablespoon ground crayfish
¼ teaspoon dried Cameroonian pepper
stock cube
1 large egg
Salt to taste
Soft burger bun
Mayonnaise – regular or low fat version
Onion slices
Tomato slices
Cheese slices – Any kind of cheese that you prefer

How To
Pick, wash and skin the beans. Add the beans, roughly chopped onions, crayfish, Cameroonian pepper, and stock cube into a blender.

Add a 1/8 of a cup of water to start. Your mix should be thick so the akara retains its shape when fried. You can always add water to the mix as you go along. Blend ingredients until beans is smooth and pour into a bowl.

Taste the mix to ensure properly seasoned. Adjust to taste. Then add the raw egg. I do this at this point after there is no more tasting of the raw mix to be done (food safety rules). The addition of the egg is unorthodox but it results in very fluffy, light akara that puff up when frying.

In a frying pan, heat some flavorless oil – I use Canola oil which is also a better health option than vegetable oil. Spoon the mix into the oil carefully to be sure there are no oil splats. For uniform akara balls, I use ice cream or cookie scoops. For the ‘burger’ patty, I used a cooking spoon to ensure I had a flat and wide patty to fill the burger bun.

Fry until golden brown and drain on kitchen towels.

Prepare your burger bun by splitting it down the middle. Smear mayonnaise on both sides of the bun and put cheese slice on the base of one side. Add the akara patty while still hot. This will melt the cheese a little bit. Top patty with onion and tomato slices and cover with the other half of the bun. You can secure the burger with a tooth pick so it stays together.


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