WHY TEGBE? WHY NOT TEGBE?! by Babatunde Ojobaro

tegbe inaugurates campaign committee

Popular Actor/Comedian, Babatunde Ojobaro better known as Mr. Rain has something to say about Joseph Tegbe

#Ad: Tegbe f'OyoSouth
#Ad: Tegbe f’OyoSouth

On the morning of Wednesday January 4th 2023, I had posted a ‘Joseph Tegbe’ ad on my whatsapp status and while it was enjoying its massive views as it is customary for anything I post on my whatsapp status stories, a conversation ensued.

At exactly 7:41am, someone sent me a message and it read “Una don collect money” to which I responded “we don’t have to collect money sir”

I am regarded and perceived as a celebrity and it’s believed that people like me have to get paid for their support and service, well, we are at that point where, supporting politicians or electoral candidates on the basis of how much you will be paid is not only the biggest definion of stupidity, it is also evil for anyone to deliberately do that because as a people and as a nation, it just continues to pull us back and we will all suffer for it. 

That conversation didn’t stop there, the person went on to ask a very fundamental question, a question I believe very much should be a strong basis why we should support or not support any electoral candidate. He asked;

“Why Tegbe if I may ask?”

In my exact words, I responded thus; “I don’t believe in politicians who have had opportunity(s) to lead once and didn’t do well and then come back thinking it’s their birthright.

I’d rather give someone fresh an opportunity provided he has a track record we can trace, either in private or public business” 

Everyone around me at this time knows that my gubernatorial candidate in Oyo State is one whom I constantly refer to as ‘Star Boy’; H.E Engr. Seyi Makinde simply because I strongly believe that he has done well, that for me is a track record and it’s there for everyone to trace but what can be traced about Mogaji Joseph Olanrewanju Sunkami Tegbe (JT), why is he my choice for the Oyo South Senatorial District? The first real question should be “why shouldn’t it be him?” 

While it is strongly debatable that, academic brilliance isn’t a direct translation to mean that one can take on the mantle of political leadership in Nigeria effectively but it will be generally agreed that, that singular trait is a major advantage. JT’s academic records from graduating from Secondary School as a national scholar to emerging the best graduating student with a first class in Civil Engineering from Obafemi Awolowo University and then graduating with flying colours from Harvard University. 

If you were an HR and you come accross this CV in the process of hiring a competent hand, wouldn’t it be impressive enough to consider? 

I tell you, only a genius would in a space of active service of 35 years will switch career from Engineering, to Accounting then to Technology to becoming an HR expert and getting to the highest level of these different industries with relevant and competent certifications to back this up. Certifications that can be traced easily. 

I am not only impressed, I have been won over completely and while I do not expect that we share the same opinion, I believe very strongly that, we should begin to think outside the  box when it comes to handing our lives to certain individuals to lead. 

I also beleive very strongly, that the set of people we need in the chamber where policies and laws that will make or mar our lives are made, we need people of deep intellect and sound mind, people who have taken up roles in more challenging private businesses and institutions and have been successful at and in them. Politicians have failed us repeatedly because we keep putting people who would not be successful as class-captains to handle issues of Nigeria. JT to me, seems like a tested and trusted man and I can confidently put me name and support behind him. 

If we also then decide to play to the gallery and consider playing some of the the political cards, like popularity and family background, I know for sure that JT qualifies. 

As far as popularity is concerned in Oyo State, Joseph Tegbe can easily be defined right now as an household name in the political space. Popularity doesn’t really mean everybody likes you but it does mean that majority identifies with you which is very core as a sign that you qualify for certain privileges.

JT is a ‘Mogaji’, this doesn’t point to political excellence but it sways in a very important direction, the direction that one has a family and for Yorubas and particularly because of the way Ibadan is set up, the family tree and ties is paramount and most important. Being a Mogaji (Head or Chosen representative of a family) is sort of a big deal and this automatically throws in the trash bin the cheap and laughable talk that JT is not a Yoruba man.

Well, this is me playing to the gallery as it happen to be the norms in the Nigerian political arena. 

I live and work in Ibadan and I know for sure that we need better representation at the highest level and I am committed to playing my role in making my community a better place and one way to do that is to elect credible people into office who can effect and drive the kind of change we should be seeing in the 21st century. 

I have the sole right to my opinion, I have the full right to choose whoever I want to support, campaign and vote for. Unlike many people, I don’t have to be paid to be able to do this.

I will with my full chest vote Seyi Makinde for second time and I will with my full chest vote Mogaji Joseph Olasunkanmi Tegbe as Senator to represent us at the Oyo South Senatorial District because of the three candidates vying for that senate seat, JT is the most realistic and this century compliant. 

My last words will be, have you gotten your PVC? It’s the only way you can be a partaker in the journey of greatness we seek for Nigeria.


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