Twitter Influencer In Zimbabwe Jailed For Selling Sex Toy

Twitter Influencer jaile d for selling sex toy

A very popular socialite and influencer in Zimbabwe has been jailed for promoting and selling sex toy

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#Ad: Tegbe f’OyoSouth

Ayanda Muponda, a well-known Twitter user and socialite from Zimbabwe, was found guilty and sentenced to prison for selling sex toys.

Muponda, who sold the goods on several social media sites, was found guilty of breaking the Custom and Excise Act and subjecting kids to pornography

An Mbare magistrate sentenced Muponda to 24 months in prison and 640 hours of unpaid labor.

On the condition that she refrain from committing a similar offense during the following five years, the court suspended six months of the jail sentence. 

With the requirement that she complete community service, the remaining 16 months were suspended.


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