Prostitute Set Customer’s Car Ablaze For Refusing To Pay After Sex

A sex worker went crazy and set her client’s car ablaze for not paying after unprotected sex they had

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According to reports, a sex worker aka prostitute set fire to her client’s car after he wouldn’t pay her $20 for the services she provided.

After having a brief, unprotected sex act in the man’s automobile in Avenues, Zimbabwe, newsmen said that the woman used a cigarette lighter to set fire to the car’s trunk. 

Witnesses responded immediately to extinguish the flames.

A source said to the newspaper;

“The lady burned the automobile because the guy didn’t pay her $10.”

“We put out the fire at 6:30 in the morning.

The man later left the scene with his car, so I had to pay for the woman’s transportation back to the Avenues.

Asked why she burnt the man’s car, the woman said she can’t be used for beer. She said; 

“Just because of beer, wotora munhu to have sex naye. If he is wrong, he is wrong because of beer manje, is he now my husband? Let him give me my money. Why did he have sex with me? I am a hooker, I was looking for money, so why would I not get into the car when negotiating? Why would he give me US$10 instead of US$20. Ndezvake izvo. Why would he hire me when he’s not able to pay? Ngaandipe mari yangu. Ndaitwa rough. Ask the man, he initially approached me and I refused, he then tried my colleague and was rejected. He then came back to me again. Worse still he didn’t use protection. So, you saying ndingabve kumba kumira negogo kuti undipe doro?”

The anonymous male responded to the woman’s assertion by saying;

“I informed her I didn’t have any money before she entered the room.

Then, she asked for some beers, which I had.

Before we had intercourse, she entered the vehicle.

“We continued to enjoy some beers, but she is now demanding payment once we are done.

“I’m strapped for cash.

“Apinda ega munhu uyu. I was in the Avenues when I became disoriented; I now reside in Philadelphia.

Why should I give her money since Boot rangu raita sei neUS$10?

“Handina and haapihwe mari iyoyo,” I said, “I can’t give her the money.”


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