Joseph Tegbe: My Man, Your Man

Joseph Tegbe: My Man, Your Man
This piece about Joseph Tegbe was written by popular Nigerian Comedian/Actor, Babatunde Ojobaro aka Mr. Rain
#Ad: Tegbe f'OyoSouth
#Ad: Tegbe f’OyoSouth

On Saturday 26th November 2022, while on my way to Ibadan to attend a strategic scheduled meeting with my principal Mogaji Joseph Olasunkanmi Tegbe (JT) the PDP aspirant for the Oyo South Senatorial District, I was thinking about how impressed I have been with his person and level of intelligence. 

I remember scanning through his CV and Profile and I caught myself repeatedly saying “this man is a genius” 

I raced my mind back to how he was almost clinching the gubernatorial ticket in the 2019 elections until politics played its role for him to step down.

Half the time I spent on the Lagos-Ibadan express way, I couldn’t take my mind off how a man is loved both home and away. One can argue conveniently that those who claim not to love this blessed man are only doing their jobs as opposition. Giving the opportunity of freewill, their choice will definitely be JT 

I have had the pleasure and opportunity to sit with him on a round table discussion, I have also had to sit with him on his dinning table over breakfast and I can tell you for a fact that he is as brilliant officially as he is unofficially.

Indeed there’s isn’t a perfect human being but there are certainly good people who wants nothing but the good and growth of others, JT is a brilliant example of a man who isn’t perfect but a good man. 

Those who have followed my person and are familiar with my works can testify that I have eyes only for the best results possible and it is very evident that in my immediate environment and in the space of my work, I am the best at what I do, so naturally I am drawn to people who seem to thread the path of excellence I constantly walk on.

If you also know me well, you’d know that I don’t banter words when it comes to politics, so 100% this is politics for me, I am only drawn to a man who resonates with who and what I think a true and passionate leader should be. 

In my years of active participation in the media and entertainment industry, I look at how far I have come, I look at how robust my CV seems to be and I continually see myself as the young version of JT.

I imagine him wanting to always bring value to the table as I always do, I imagine him caring for others like I do, I imagine him not settling for less like many of you have considered me to be. If I say I am the young version of JT, I would never be wrong.

I wish I had enough time via this write up to reel out his profile and CV but I don’t have enough time, how can I even have the time to talk about his 33years meritorious service as a consultant to multinationals within and outside the country, this space won’t give me enough time to talk about a man who graduated with a 1st class in Civil Engineering, perhaps I should ask if you have a bit of time to read the achievements of the ‘super’ man I have settled for as my aspirant for the Oyo South Senatorial District.

I have always believed that anybody who hasn’t proven himself or herself as a distinguished personality and successfully leading corporate organizations should have no business in politics, this is yet another spectacular reason why JT who has over the years led and managed organizations in different industries ranging from Oil & Gas, Agriculture, ICT, Manufacturing and even in the financial sector. I have no doubt that a man with such robust wealth of experience, several track records of success and an omoluabi to the core will meet and superceed expectation representing the Senatorial District I belong to in the Red Chamber. 

I remember, I had put up JT’s picture on my whatsapp status on the 1st of July 2022, and out of the blues, a friend of mine asked if I knew JT and I replied in the affirmative. Curious, I asked where she knew him from and she replied “JT was my boss at KPMG”; and without asking she went on to start describing how an amazing and industrious soul he was. This response struck me yet again reminded me that “the deeds of a man (good or bad) preceeds him. Imagine if JT had been a bad boss, just imagine. 

As Head Advisory Services in KPMG for years with tremendous track record of success, I am confident, that Mogaji Olasunkanmi Tegbe had already set himself up for a progressive work being in the Red Chamber.

As an active member of and consultant to the Infrastructure and Human Capital Development Policy of the Nigerian Economic Summit Group, one should naturally expect a meaningful contribution that improves the life and well being of people. 

All these eroded my thought process as I continued my journey to Ibadan to have the strategy meeting with JT and other member if the team. The meeting was scheduled for 12noon and for the umpteenth time JT didn’t come late, neither did he keep us waiting. When you try to define Passion for work and Compassion for human lives, you’d effortlessly be talking about JT.

He listens to everybody’s opinion and takes criticism as progress report. 

While wrapping up the 3hours long meeting, JT in his words said and I quote “There’s no perfect person, there’s only room for improvement and growth”

You can imagine my shock and the bright smile on my face when those words came out his mouth as they were the exact thoughts in my head when I left Lagos at 7am in the morning for the meeting in Ibadan. Indeed great minds think alike. 

I have mildly supported and voted politicians in the past that I believed in but I have never publicly shown support for any, I have never had to dedicate some time to write a heartfelt and sincere article about any of them but here I am at exactly 7:45am on this day Sunday 27th November 2022, wrapping up what I considered my most sincere write up about anybody living in a very long while 

As I ride back to Lagos to handle my unfinished business, I did a reappraisal on the entire situation, the other members of the team who are super brilliant young people, the plans and agenda JT has proposed, my involvement and how it has tasked me mentally, the man JT himself, I resolved all over again that me and my household and the circle that I have influence come February 2023 will vote Mogaji Joseph Olasunkanmi Tegbe as Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria representing Oyo South Senatorial District because we need people with experience, we need people who have been tested and trusted, we need people with a clear understanding of the jib description, people with a clear blueprint and plans for the people, we need people like JT. 

I have now arrived Lagos safely, we thank GOD for journey mercies but I’ll be back in my beloved city, Ibadan during the course of the week to continue my voluntary campaign for my man, your man, JT.

Can I hear you shout JT!!! 


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