Cooking Gas Price Jumps By Over 70% Between October 2021 To October 2022


In exactly a year, the price of cooking gas rose by over 70% according to National Bureau of Statistics

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The National Bureau of Statistics reports that between October 2021 and October 2022, the average price of petroleum gas (cooking gas) increased by 70.62%. (NBS).

The average retail price for refilling a 5kg cylinder of liquefied petroleum gas (cooking gas) increased by 0.21% on a monthly basis, from N4,474.48 recorded in September 2022 to N4,483.75 in October 2022, according to a document titled “Liquefied Petroleum Gas (Cooking Gas) Price Watch (October 2022).”

According to NBS, this increased 70.62% year over year from N2,627.94 in October 2021.

According to state profile study, Kwara had the highest average price of N4,955.00 to refill a 5kg cylinder of liquefied petroleum gas (cooking gas), followed by Niger and Adamawa with N4,950.00 and N4,940.29, respectively.


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