Too Many Nigerians Are Leaving The Country – NIS

NIS worried over Nigerians leaving
Nigerian Immigration Service has expressed their worry over the rate at which people are leaving the country
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The alarming rate at which Nigerians are fleeing the nation in quest of better opportunities overseas has been characterised as concerning by the Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS).

Joachim Olumba, the head of NIS in Enugu State, remarked during a Thursday, November 3, awareness programme on the problem of migrant smuggling (SOM) for stakeholders

“Indeed, this program couldn’t have been held at a more appropriate time, considering the alarming rate at which, not only the youth, but older generation of Nigerians exhibit interest to leave the country. This is creating a worrisome phenomenon which has come to be popularly known in local parlance as “Japa”

He said

The head of immigration claimed that social, economic, and security issues typically account for a major portion of people’s desire to leave the nation. 

He said that many Nigerians, particularly the young, were abandoning the country’s borders.

“For many people, achieving their desire to leave the country is more important than finding a way to get there.

It doesn’t really matter to them if they are trafficked, smuggled, or even manage to flee the nation as stowaways.

The ultimate goal is to relocate to another country. 

The vast majority of people believe that the objective justifies the methods in the end, he said.

Olumba claimed that the desperate situation had resulted in terrible and unprintable suffering.


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