How To Cook Pepper Soup Jollof Rice

pepper soup jollof rice

Step by step on how to easily and quickly cook delicious Pepper Soup Jollof Rice

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You are not Nigerian enough if you don’t like Rice.

In the majority of Nigerian homes, it is one dish that is offered on Sundays and other days. 

The rice is so well-liked that a jollof war breaks out between Ghana and Nigeria.

The winner has not yet been determined, though. 

Once more, the winner depends on the diner’s palate and the chef’s dexterous talents.

It has been investigated in methods to be cooked or refurbished to keep it fresh in most kitchens because it has a regular manner of appearing. 

If not the standard white rice and stew, it may be available as fried rice, jollof rice, or palm oil rice or as this recipe has it, “Pepper Soup Jollof Rice.”


Long Basmati Rice
pepper Soup spice
Fresh prawns or prawn powder
Chicken, beef, turkey (use protein of choice)
Cow liver, heart, and kidney
Seasoning cube
Bullion powder
Garlic fresh and powdered
Scent leaf/Spinach
Habanero peppers or half long sweet pepper


Put the washed chicken or protein of your choice into a pot.

Put in crushed garlic and the powdered garlic, the chopped onions and the seasoning cubes, salt and add in the uyayak.

Pour water into the pot with the chicken and spice. Add water  slightly above the level of the chicken in the pot.

Allow the chicken to cook for 15-20 minutes. Till tender and ready.

After the chicken has boiled for 15-20 minutes, add some portion of blended habanero pepper, the fresh prawn or blended prawn, the scent leaves, pepper soup spice and blended crayfish into the mix. Then stir.

Pour into the mix an already parboiled rice and gently stir into the mix. Add the remaining portion of the pepper and little water. Cover to cook till the water is dry.

Toss in freshly cut vegetable greens like ugu leaves or any other of your choice for garnishing, colour and importantly nutrition.


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