British Singer, Adele To Pause On Music For A Degree

Adele back to school

Multi Award winning English-born singer, Adele goes back to school

Ad Tegbe f'OyoSouth
Ad Tegbe f’OyoSouth

Adele, a British singer, announced that in 2025 she would stop doing music to pursue a degree in English literature.

The singer claimed that earning a degree had always been her goal, but that she wouldn’t be attending college. Instead, she would study online and with a tutor.

The Daily Mail UK reports that Adele made this statement during a fan Q&A in Los Angeles, adding that she would have been an English literature teacher if she hadn’t succeeded in the music industry.

I really want to pursue a degree in English literature after Vegas, she declared. 

I believe I would be a teacher if I hadn’t succeeded as a singer. I think I’d be an English Lit teacher.

“I really believe that my love of English literature is applied to what I do. 

But even though it’s unlikely that I’ll use my degree to get employment, I wish I had attended college and had that experience.

“I won’t attend a university; instead, I’ll study independently and with a tutor starting in 2025. 

Just to obtain the credentials.

Adele declared that she will proceed with getting the degree following her Las Vegas residency performance. 

After a last-minute cancellation in January, her residency in Las Vegas starts in November.

She announced the new date for the show in July and thanked fans for their patience after cancelling just 24 hours before the show was to began in January.


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