Masquerades Carted Away With N550,000 In Church

Masquerades in Church

Masquerades and worshippers attacked a church in plateau, stole N550,000 cash

Ad Tegbe f'OyoSouth
Ad Tegbe f’OyoSouth

Pastor John Dashe in the clergyman in charge of the Grace of God Mission Church, Shikal-Talbut, Lantang North Local Government Area of Plateau State confirms to Newsmen about the recent invasion of the church my masqueraders in the community.

When asked what actually happened and it all started, the man of God replied: “It started on September 7, 2022. A letter was brought to me by some people who said there would be a traditional dance of masquerades in the community.

When I saw the letter, I told them that I would not collect it. I’m a pastor; what business will a pastor have with masqueraders to be getting letters from them?

September 13 when the festival already started fully, they came close to my church and were shouting and disturbing our peace  but I did not say anything. The masqueraders started to stone the church. When the disturbance became unbearable, I called the church secretary, who is an indigene of the community, and explained what was happening to him. He then decided to come over to see things for himself.

The church secretary was there with me. He went out to meet the masqueraders to talk to them, being a fellow indigene of the community. On seeing him, they stopped throwing stones at the church and left.

 On the same day, around 5pm, the masqueraders came back to me because my house is very close to the church. And this time, they started throwing stones at me. As I stood there not moving or saying anything to them, the stones were flying in all directions but miraculously, none of the stones hit me.  I knew it was God in action because no stone touched me and then they left.

He narrated further; Not just the masquerades but all their followers stormed the Church. Nobody was injured, but one of the pastors was beaten. Fortunately, he sustained no injury.

The masqueraders destroyed all the musical instruments of our church – the drum set, piano, loudspeakers – were destroyed. They also destroyed the box in which church money was kept. We had N550,000 in that box, which we had saved up to buy some equipment.

But they took the money away after destroying the box.  The guitar, amplifier and the stabilizer were also carted away by the masqueraders.


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