How To Make Tuwo Shinkafa

How to make Tuwo Shinkafa

Step by step on how to cook the popular Tuwo Shinkafa

Tuwo Shinkafa (Rice Meal) is a Northern Nigerian dish made from rice. 

It’s incredibly simple to make.

It goes well with any Nigerian local soup, such as Efo, Ogbono, or Egusi. 

However, we suggest pairing it with Miyan Taushe (Pumpkin soup) or Seafood Okro.


  • Rice ( Medium or short grain)
  •  Water


  1. Wash rice.

2. Pour it in a pot, pour enough water just above the rice, and cook on medium heat.

3. When the water dries up, mash it between your fingers to check the softness.

4. If it is still a little hard, pour more water and leave to cook on low heat.

5. Use a wooden spoon to mash the rice to bring it together.

6. Once satisfied, pick the rice in little quantities and mash with a spatula. Fold until it turns into a mass of Tuwo. Alternatively, continue to stir and mash until it forms a nice lump.

7. Cover and leave for two minutes to steam.

8, Serve the dish with preferred soup.


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