Father In-Law Kills Son In-Law

father in-law stabbed son in-law

A father in-law out of anger has killed his son in-law

According to reports, a 25-year-old guy passed away from wounds he received as a result of his father-in-law assaulting him.

Following a domestic altercation with his daughter, Godfin Kipkirui Kirwa’s father-in-law attacked him.

He was taken urgently to the hospital in Kericho County, where he passed away. 

read the police report;

“Godfin Kipkirui, who had been assaulted severely by his father-in-law Kiprotich Keter, passed away while obtaining medical attention at Kericho County Hospital. 

Kipkirui and his wife were having home problems.”

The deceased’s body has been placed in the hospital mortuary in anticipation of an autopsy.

The suspect, on the other hand, has been taken into jail after being detained and is scheduled to appear in court soon.


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