After 18 years, 52-year-old Woman Gives Birth

52 year old woman gives birth after 18 years

A 52-year-old Ghanaian woman after 18 years finally gives birth

A woman from Ghana told the tale of a 52-year-old mother who gave birth to triplets after waiting for a long time (10 years in her first marriage and 8 in current one)

Vivian Akoto Addo-Brown, a Facebook user who posted the tale, wrote:

She explained, “This is how this 52-year-old woman chose to proclaim the majesty and kindness of God Almighty onto her life.

“The story is a long one but I will cut it short.

She was married to a pastor for 10yrs there was no child, and the pastor husband decided to have children outside, going against their matrimonial vows….,of course that marriage ended.

“She got married again to her present beloved husband and 8yrs later, God has blessed her with not one, not two but three beautiful children this woman who was referred to as that barren, (unfruitful, unproductive, sterile infertile) and so on, is now a mother of triplets very healthy, beautiful and blessed “the triple D”. TO GOD ALONE BE ALL THE GLORY! GREAT THINGS HE HAS DONE”


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