Parents Protest Over Big Fake Breasts Of Teacher

parents protest over big fake boobs
Transgender Teacher received backlash over her big fake breast

A transgender school teacher in Ontario, Canada, is trending on social media after parents complained that her big artificial breasts were distracting their children and causing them to miss her lectures.

Kayla Lemieux, an Oakville Trafalgar High School manufacturing technology teacher in Ontario, Canada, went viral and created controversy after photographs of her wearing the fake breasts to class were released online.

Her pupils are thought to have shot and disseminated the images and videos on social media without her knowledge.

In the photos, Lemieux’s clothes seemed to be stretched out by the prosthetic breasts, and his nipples bulged out significantly.

However, in response to the uproar and parental complaints, the school issued a statement on Monday defending their employee and explaining why they opted to support Lemieux’s gender expression.

Interfering with or criticizing the trans teacher, according to the school, would be a violation of the Ontario Human Rights Code.

Owen LaPlante, a student at the school, revealed to the Toronto Sun that some of her peers are bothered by the instructors’ breasts.

“I’m okay with it. I know some of my friends are a little uncomfortable with it, but I think she should be able to express herself however she wants to.” .

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