Teenager Got Arrested For Refusing Sexual Advances

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A middle age man has asked Police to arrest 17-year-old

In Rumuokwuta Obio’Akpor, a local government area in Rivers State, a man who only goes by the name James is accused of arresting a 17-year-old girl for rejecting his overtures toward her after repeatedly giving her money.

The father allegedly sent officers from the Kala Police Division to Best Man Estate in Rumuokuta to arrest the girl, which is when trouble began.

The youngster, known as Miss Faith, told newsmen in Port Harcourt that she often gives the guy a pedicure and that he generally asks her to retain the change after paying for the services performed.

She said, “James came to arrest me in my shop today. I have being cleaning his nails and each time he comes to my shop, I will clean his nails and he will tell me to keep the change.

“He gave me money sometimes and he never told me the reason why he was giving me these money, until when he finally told me to follow him to a hotel one day, but I refused. I told him I couldn’t go to a hotel with him because he is a married man. Since then he had been telling me to sleep with him, but I refused.

“He then decided to bring policemen to my shop today to arrest me. They took me to the station and asked me to write a statement on how it happened and I wrote everything down.”

James told reporters who approached him that the DPO had become involved in the situation.

The girl departed with her parents after the DPO heard from both parties and advised the guy to stop harassing the child based on her age, according to SP Grace Koko, a spokeswoman for the Rivers State Police command.

A organization called the Centre for Basic Rights Protection and Accountability Campaign claimed to have received a distressed call from estate residents over the situation.

Prince Wiro, the organization’s national coordinator, revealed this to reporters and claimed he spoke with the minor over the phone as well as some of the locals who insisted on accompanying the girl to the police station because they believed the complainant may have given the police incorrect information.

The girl was asked to go with her parents after the DPO heard from both parties, according to Wiro, and the man was given a warning to stop harassing the girl.

He said, “Ordinarily, we would have pressed charges against the man for him to be charged for enticing and luring a minor but the parents of the girl held a different view. So we cannot cry more than the bereaved. My advice to people is that they should not hinder the police from carrying out their legitimate duties.

“Most times complainants would misinform the police, and it is only when the police have heard from both parties that they can make an informed decision.

“I equally advice our young girls to be mindful of the kind of men they take money from. Some men can go as far as even arranging people to rape women they think collected their money, especially when they do not get what they want from the women.”

When contacted, spokesperson of the state police command, said the matter had been resolved after the state commissioner of police, invited both parties.


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