Herbalist Breaks Into Cemetery To Steal Human Head

herbalist with human head
Herbalist arrested while trying to steal female corpse head

Ismail Adewuyi, a 28-year-old herbalist, was reportedly arrested for allegedly snatching a female corpse’s head and intestines at the Muslim Cemetery, Oke Yidi, in the Ede region of the state, according to men of the Nigeria Hunters and Forest Security Service in Ede, Osun State, on Saturday.

According to information obtained by news organizations, Adewuyi entered the cemetery early on Saturday, unearthed a body, chopped off the head, and removed the guts. He was armed with several charms.

As he was allegedly leaving the cemetery, a hunting service agent who had been suspicious of Adewuyi’s whereabouts set up an ambush and apprehended him.

In a chat with  journalist on Sunday, a source in the Oke Yidi neighborhood of the town claimed that the suspect claimed to be a herbalist when being questioned by security personnel.

According to the informant, “We heard the uproar, and those who could venture outside saw hunters questioning a suspect who was carrying a corpse’s skull and guts that had been excavated at the Muslim Cemetery, Oke Yidi, Ede.

 “The suspect was later handed over to the police. Those that arrested him recorded his confession on video. The suspect is with the police.”

The source said.

When contacted, Yemisi Opalola, the state police public relations officer, verified the suspect’s detention and stated that the inquiry had started.

Adewuyi Ismail, 28, of Oke-Ola, Agbagudu, Ede, was detained by a member of Nigeria Hunter on Saturday at 1.25 a.m. and taken to the station with an unidentified fresh female head and intestines, according to Opalola.

“The suspect was detained in the Muslim Cemetery, Oke Yidi, Abere Road, Ede, at one in the morning. 

The inquiry is being conducted.


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