Man Arrested For Killing Step-Son

father kills step son
Step father arrested for allegedly killing his step son

The police in Murang’a, Kenya, have detained a middle-aged man who is accused of murdering his 6-year-old stepson.

On September 11, Charles Githua of Kiru Mathioya is charged with perpetrating the crime.

His wife Nancy Mumbi said that he had called to ask for some time with her two kids.

Mumbi also disclosed that they split up approximately a month ago as a result of the man’s threats to kill her and the kids. 

She said that her deceased kid was convinced to leave his stepfather despite never wanting to do so.

She stated:

“He called me Sunday morning and told me he is waiting for the children at the usual place promising to bring them back.

“He has been picking the children on Sundays to go buy them sweets or cakes so I had no reason to worry about their safety.”

Mumbi said few hours later, the man called her and the child told her they were in the forest.

She said; 

“The third time he called me, I heard a child crying at the background. I got worried fearing he might have hurt them.

“He told me he has finally fulfilled my wish which I didn’t understand.” 

Mumbi said that the man only brought back one child that night and withheld the location of the other.

The mother got in touch with the neighbors and family members who had started a search for the missing youngster.

On September 12 in the late afternoon, the man’s property was where his body was discovered hanging from a tree.

She stated:

He had bite marks all over his body, and it looked like he had been strangled.

Officers are questioning the suspect, according to Mathioya OCPD Pauline Mwangi, to find out what happened.


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