Policemen Protest Non-Payment Of Salaries

Nigerian Police Officers Protest Non-payment Of Salaries
Some Nigerian Policemen went on the street to protest non-payment of salaries

On Wednesday, the police special constabularies in Osun State held a nonviolent protest against the non-payment of 18 months’ wage.

The police officers congregated at the Oke-Fia intersection and proceeded through Alekunwodo to the Olaiya neighborhoods of Osogbo, the state capital of Osun.

They brandished signs that read, among other things, “Pay us now,” “We’re dying,” “We’re hungry,” “18 months no kobo,” and “Okada riders are sleeping with our wives.” They were dressed in police uniforms.

According to some of the demonstrators who spoke to Newsmen, their “women have been taken because they cannot support their families”

Despite not being paid, the constabularies claimed they were dedicated to their work.

One of the resentful constabularies, Tijani Adewale, claimed that three of his coworkers had died while carrying out their responsibilities.

“We lost three persons in Ikire and one in Iree. These people died in the course of discharging their duty,” he said.

“We are very dutiful despite the fact that we have not been paid a dime. Due to unpaid allowances, tricycle and Okada riders have snatched our wives because of inability to take care of them,” he said.

“We have gone to the local government, honourables, and dignitaries and yet nothing is done.”

– Tijani Adewale

Father of two Ibrahim Adenekan claimed that because he hadn’t received pay in 18 months, he was unable to provide for his family.

“My wife and I have two kids. 

Since I began working, I have been unable to meet their demands. 

What constitutes the essence of labor? 

We simply want our money paid, therefore they should do that,” he said.

Another police officer, who wished to remain unnamed, claimed that he narrowly averted death when a group of armed thieves attacked him and his coworkers.

“We are dying. We spent so much at the College. I have children but it’s 18 months now since I have not been paid,” “Four of us have been killed by armed robbers during attacks in Ikire, Iragbiji, and others. We want our money.”

he said.


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