“Olamide Is Not A Present Father” -Maria Okan

Maria Okan revealed she has been raising Olamide's child alone
Maria Okan revealed she has been raising Olamide’s child alone

Maria Okan, a media figure, used social media to confront rumors about her daughter and give herself credit for being able to raise her child alone.

The OAP gave birth to a girl three years ago, and many people thought that the baby, whom she called Asaiah Monifé Maria Okanrende, was for her alleged ex, rapper Olamide.

Some sources said that Olamide paid Maria money to end the pregnancy after she told him about it because he didn’t want to upset his lover, Adebukunmi.

On Monday, September 5, Maria addressed this rumor on her Twitter account, claiming that no one had ever given her money to get an abortion. She penned;

”Your trolling comments, death threats and insults all these years have meant nothing lol.

We are doing well, we are healthy, we are making money and we will continue to elevate.

And for the record, no one gave me any stinking money for an abortion. As a mother, when you carry a child and deliver her by the Grace of God, you will know how insulting this is and has been.

At the time those nonsense stories came out, I chose to focus on delivering my child since I had a high-risk pregnancy and a fibroid that practically exploded a few months in.

But as she is safe and sound now, there’s no pressure. We thank God”

She also posted a video in which she claimed sole responsibility for Monife’s maintenance.

Maria claimed she found out she would be raising her child alone halfway through her high-risk pregnancy.

She claimed to have moved to the UK, begun working there, and is now a producer and presenter.


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