Teenager Drowns While Rescuing His Cow From Drowning

Cow survives while the owner drowns trying to rescue it.
Cow survives while the owner drowns trying to rescue it.

In Jigawa State, northwest Nigeria, an 18-year-old herder drowned while attempting to save his cow from drowning.

According to reports, the incident took place in the state’s Buji Local Government Area.

The spokesman for the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) in the state, Adamu Sheu, on Sunday said one of the herder’s cows slipped and fell into a pond while grazing.

He said the farmer allowed his cattle to graze while he worked on his farm, the News Agency of Nigeria reports.

NSCDC Boss further said, when the herder saw that one of the cows had fallen into the pond, he jumped into the pond and tried to save it but drowned in the process.

 However, the cow was later rescued alive.

“But the farmer’s body was, however, not found until Sunday; 11 hours after he fell into the pond.

 “The NSCDC examined the body and confirmed the farmer dead and handed the corpse to his parents,” Shehu said.


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