Dreamers Release Keep In Step

Australian Based Group, Dreamers, Releases new music titled Keep In Step.
Australian Based Group, Dreamers, Releases new music titled Keep In Step

Australian-based group, Dreamers released their new song Keep In Step.

It is available on DREAM Records.

The song was produced by Lawrence Davies & Mark Griffiths and written by Ryan Hsu and Daniel Menelaou.

The uplifting track highlights the exciting, honest & fresh new sound that is Dreamers.

The single is the first to be released from their live recording, captured on a Friday night in Adelaide, South Australia earlier this year.

Speaking on the track, a vocalist from the group, Daniel Menelaou says

“Keep in Step is a song about the journey of trying to do life alone and realizing the only way forward is letting go and trusting, following and obeying the voice of God.”

“While it’s a heavy theme it’s such a fun track and we believe that’s the way it’s supposed to be. Freedom that comes in losing control and keeping in step with Him.”

The beautiful music piece is available now on various streaming platforms.

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