Jelani Aswad Releases Take Off

Take Off Features Daniel Amp and Mike the Chaplain
Take Off Features Daniel Amp and Mike the Chaplain

Pastor and musician Jelani Aswad is set to release a new song which he titled Take Off

He features Daniel Amp and Mike the Chaplain.

The song goes to Christian radio as the single goes to Christian Hot AC/CHR and Christian Rhythmic-formatted radio outlets. 

The new song, Aswad shares, is a tribute to his 10-year marriage.

He says

“Godly marriages still work,”

“My wife and I have been through it all from having a honeymoon baby, to both being in college the first five years of our marriage to moving halfway across the country to pursue a call to ministry.”

“This ode to my wife sums up in the most tasteful of ways how to celebrate love and healthy relationships.”

The message is also inspired by 1 Peter 5:6:

“Humble [ourselves,] therefore, under God’s mighty hand, that he may lift [us] up in due time.” 

“We have been lifted up so high in love in Christ that it feels like we could take off to outer space,” Aswad enthuses.

“This song is a summer hit for jeep top-down, a summer cruise, or a backyard barbecue. Oh my gosh, we ‘bout to ‘Take OFF’ feels exactly like the title.”

Aswad, a native of the Bronx who grew up in Spring Valley, N.Y., learned singing and performing in church.

As he grew up in the city and suburbs, the stories of his neighbourhood intrigued him, leading to a deep desire to catalogue these experiences through music and poetry. 

Aswad says

“My music is for all the nations,”

“And the message is that Jesus is the hope of the world and you can find peace in Him.

“The gospel of Jesus Christ transformed my life,”

“but I feel the untold stories, the deep groaning and the heartfelt lamentations of the community I was raised in could bring transformation to a world so desperately seeking peace in temporary places.”

Aswad wrote the new single with Daniel Patterson; THAI BEATS produced the song.

Aswad has been managed by McLaughlin Music Group since June 2022.


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