American Rapper JayDaYoungan Shot In Louisiana

JayDaYoungan was shot and killed
JayDaYoungan was shot and killed

American Rapper, JayDaYoungan was shot and killed in his hometown of Bogalusa, Louisiana, on Wednesday night.

He was 24.

His real name is Javorius Scott.

Mr Scott was involved in a shooting reported to the local Louisiana police before 6 p.m. 

According to a release shared on the Bogalusa Police Department’s Facebook page, Scott was transported to Our Lady of the Angels emergency room in a personal vehicle.

However, he died “as a result of his injuries,”

Another victim in the community 70 miles north of New Orleans was critically wounded and transported to the hospital by ambulance.

He goes by Kenyatta Scott Sr.

According to the release,

“Kenyatta Scott Sr. has been transported to another facility and we have been told he is in stable condition,”

Multiple outlets reported Kenyatta is Javorius’ father, but authorities said the surviving victim was a “close relative” of the rapper and would not discuss their relationship.

Police were then notified of another shooting shortly after 7 p.m., about four miles from the first shooting. Authorities said a car was hit by bullets, but the occupants were not injured, police said.

Bogalusa Police investigators said they believe the two shootings are linked. Investigators have connected Scott to crimes involving gang rivalries in parts of rural Louisiana in recent months.

They said they believe the violence is retaliatory. An investigation is continuing.

In June 2021, Scott was released from prison after serving seven months on charges of possession of a firearm while under indictment for a crime.

In September that year, he was arrested on charges of obstruction of justice and accessory to a second-degree murder that occurred in Louisiana.

The next month, he was arrested for multiple felonies. This includes the illegal use of a controlled dangerous substance in the presence of minors.

Bogalusa Mayor Wendy Perrette, in a statement, urged residents to remain calm while police investigate.

“The senseless shooting in Bogalusa (is) another tragic reminder of the pain that violent crime brings with it,” she said.

“My thoughts and prayers are with the victims’ family and friends. As your Mayor and as a Mother I plead on behalf of our community and for our children, today must mean enough is finally enough. Stop the violence! See something, say something.”

Perrette also asked that Louisiana State Police assist the Bogalusa Police Department and the Washington Parish Sheriff’s Office in the investigation.


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