Equippers Worship Releases ‘Still Waters & Shadows’

Equippers Worship's New Album is Titled Still Waters & Shadows
Equippers Worship’s New Album is Titled Still Waters & Shadows

Equippers Worship has announced the release of their album Still Waters & Shadows (DREAM Worship). 

The Aukland, New Zealand worship team for Equippers Church recently started pre-orders for the album.

This follows a new track ‘Fall Afresh’ which was released as both an instant gratification and an individual single.

It was also released to all digital service providers.

Songs from the album were produced by Joshua Huirua, Kepz Tumai, and Kenan Stephenson.

Kenan Stephenson from the group says:

Still Waters & Shadows is a collection of worship songs that were largely inspired by Psalm 23.

We felt led to this passage of scripture and we trust that God has a purpose for these songs.

We have loved singing some of these songs with our church and we are so excited to share them with everyone.

We pray that these songs help to connect people with Jesus.

Still Waters & Shadows is available now.

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